Who We Are

The Idea

This award is the first of its kind in the Arab and international world to encourage creativity in media work for Palestine. It also aims to recognise the achievements of creative Media People and support their creative endeavours that contribute to achieving a deeper and better understanding of Palestine’s issues in the past and present.

Individuals or groups can be chosen for the award through nominating a work published or broadcasted through any traditional or new media outlets. Such work includes written, audio, visual, or a combination of such types of work.

Media work for the sake of Palestine requires an elevation of the standards of innovation and creativity and must avoid conventional or formulaic presentation of the Palestinian cause, as well as exaggeration or distortion.

The idea for the award was the fruit of discussion at the Tawassul 2 conference held by the Palestine International Forum for Media and Communication in the spring of 2016. It aims to value the efforts of everyone inside and outside historic Palestine, including individuals and groups. The award will be given every two years, beginning in spring 2018.

Whether you are an individual or a group, work alone through a small or big company, a public, government, or private media organisation, an educational institution, or a local or international NGO, this is your chance to introduce the world to your creative work related to Palestine.

The award also encourages school and university students studying various majors and specialisations, to participate in order to stimulate their imagination and challenge the future generation to present their media creations regarding the Palestinian cause.


Motivate creativity and innovation, as well as add value to the way Palestinian issues are raised in the media.


Encourage creativity and quality media work regarding the various aspects of the Palestinian issue
Elevate the standards of innovation and originality in the presentation of Palestine’s narrative
Inspire the presentation of Palestine’s issues in the media in a new way and recognise the achievements of creative individuals in the media field

First session: Naji Al-Ali

The Palestine International Forum for Media and Communication general secretariat decided to name the first session of the Media Creativity for Palestine Award after Palestinian cartoonist Naji Al-Ali.


One sign of the greatness of this moment in time is that given his sharp vision and insightfulness, Naji can still speak to the living. Children who were born after his assassination on a street in London can still recognize him and he still inspires rebellion in art and politics. Many artists yearn to reach his status and many lament his loss, although he was not concerned with remaining famous or remembered.

Mohammad Al-Asaad- Palestinian poet novelist, and critic, from the introduction of the book The Cartoons of Naji Al-Ali – 1985-1987